Fuji Racing EJ20 2.1 FSR Stroker Kit Standard compression

FSR Stroker Kit for your EJ20 Turbo engine! Power, torque, power and reliability - all...

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FSR Stroker Kit for your EJ20 Turbo engine!

Power, torque, power and reliability - all of these are advantages of the Fuji Racing Stroker Kit!

When purchasing parts for your own engine, it is best to make the right decisions. Regardless of whether an engine is being rebuilt or overhauled, ideally this should only be done once. It is therefore important to choose the right components for the intended use straight away and to lay a foundation for greater performance later.

The Fuji Racing Billet Kit contains Fuji pistons and piston rings, depending on customer requirements in 92, 92.5 or 93mm. You also get the Fuji Pro Street connecting rod set, a nitrided 79mm OEM Subaru crankshaft and ACL bearing shells.


Suitable for all Subaru EJ20 Turbo engines. Early closed deck engines require the common "rear thrust" adjustment to provide enough space for the crankshaft. The pistons also have to be adjusted to cool the piston crown.

Technical data:

Compression rate & volume (determined with 0.6mm cylinder head gasket, 0.03 Distance between piston crown and deck height):

92mm Pistons with -14.6cc dish – 2100cc
92.5mm pistons with -15.3cc dish – 2123cc
93mm pistons with -16cc disc – 2145cc

Compression: 8.85:1

Scope of delivery:

  • 4x FSR 2618 stroker pistons & piston rings
  • 4x Pro Street H Beam connecting rods
  • 1x nitrided OEM Subaru 79mm crankshaft
  • 1x ACL race rear thrust main bearing cup set
  • 1x ACL race Big end bearing cup set

We would be happy to help you set up your engine and give you expert advice on your performance goals - just send us an email or call us.