Link G4X control unit Mazda RX7 FD3S series 6

Link G4X for your Mazda RX7 Series 6. The best update for your 13B Wankel...

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Link G4X for your Mazda RX7 Series 6.

The best update for your 13B Wankel engine - the Link G4X. Even with series engines, you can only exploit the full potential of your engine with proper tuning.

Thanks to many expansion options, every parameter can be monitored with the Link G4X and output via CAN, OBD or even a display.

This control unit is suitable for the following vehicles:

- Mazda RX7 Series 6 with 13B turbo engine

Only for vehicles with manual transmission. Please compare the pictures of the plugs with your original control unit. Supports non-turbo, single turbo and twin turbo setups.

Link G4X features:

  • 6D injection and ignition maps
  • Precise and independent closed-loop camshaft control 
  • Sequential fuel control
  • Digital trigger system that supports all OEM systems
  • Standard idle controls are supported
  • 5D boost pressure control with Mapswitch
  • Antilag, launch control & flat shift
  • Mapsensor on-board on many models with automatic correction depending on ambient pressure
  • Can Port and OBD capable
  • Autotune mode to start for the first time
  • Individual knock correction
  • 512MB on-board memory for log files
  • Boost/Ignition/Fuel by Gear
  • Almost all OEM sensors can be learned
  • Knock control with output 
  • massively expandable with inputs for e.g. oil pressure, oil temperature, exhaust gas temperature etc
  • Safety features programmable (e.g. engine off when oil pressure is below xy)
  • Digital lambda control via CAN module

We would be happy to install the RX7Link (S6) - RX7S6X control unit for you, including installing all sensors, or advise you on putting together your set-up.

Coordination with a test bench run is also available from us. Please contact us for an individual offer.

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